Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hash Browns with Yams (Moved to

Hash browns with yams

Hash browns have always been a challenge for me, but I finally figured out the trick!  Cooking the potatoes first means they don't end up half burnt and half uncooked, and the lovely crispy edges come from cooking in oil. This recipe can easily be multiplied if you have a giant soup pot for boiling them and is a great way to preserve potatoes.

Adding yams brings a new character to boring potatoes, a bright sweet note plus a bit of color. Peeling brings the focus to the flavor rather than the texture.  I usually use Russet potatoes but a smooth buttery Yukon Gold would be great too.  If it were easier to find the bright purple potatoes locally I would add them too just for the color surprise!  I think the best part about this recipe is that there is no need to drown it in cheese or to add any at all for that matter.  This dish especially lends itself to a partnership with an egg.  I love them poached or over-easy and dropped on top just before serving.

This seems like it would freeze well but I haven't had good luck with the potatoes keeping their flavor and texture after being in the freezer, so I don't suggest doing that.  

Hash browns with yams and thyme
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